Men’s Color – $40

Grey Blending

Turn back the clock. Your stylist will use color to take back the gray in minutes. Take note our coloring process is for gray blending only. Highlights may also be available upon request!


Allover – Starting at $75

All Over Color is a root touch up, All Over Color will pull Color through entirely from roots to ends.

Partial Highlights – Starting at $85

Full Head Highlights –  Starting at $105

Highlights and Lowlights use the same technique with a different out come. A Partial Highlight gives strands of color to the top portion of the hair, with highlights falling from the hairline to behind the ears. A  Full Highlight includes highlights throughout the entire head. Lowlights are strands of color darker than the rest of the hair.

Specialty Colors – Starting at $150

Balayage hair color entails painting on the hair color to achieve an extremely natural “rooty” look. Book this service if you are looking for a low maintenance Ombre style. You’ll be shampooed and styled before you walk out the door! 

Olaplex Treatment – $25

Olaplex is insurance for the hair! Olaplex dramatically reduces breakage, while extending the life of your color. Some benefits include softer, shinier, and easier to manage hair with less frizz for weeks. This treatment is safe for all hair types and textures. When Olaplex is added to Hair Color the bonds that are broken during the lightening process can be reformed with more strength and density resulting in stronger hair than before the chemical process! That makes multiple processes able to be performed in one day and keeps the hair healthy even after its been lightened.


Color Correction – $80 per hour

A “color correction” is meant to fix a color service that had undesirable results.
Most people can understand that a color correction is needed for brassy, orange highlights, or at-home color
that came out differently than desired (picture green or jet black hair instead of medium brown).
Something that may seem like an easy fix or regular color service, though, isn’t always so cut-and-dry.

Some color corrections can be simple, like doing a toner to cut out gold, but others can be a
triple-process to lift dark color out.  Time and cost can drastically increase.


Perms – Starting at $70

Perms have come a long way in the past few decades – today, they can be fine-tuned to give you whatever kind of wave you desire, from loose, sexy waves to the corkscrew curls coveted by many bone-straight-haired girls. However, some people are better candidates for perms than others. 



All Chemical services include a Haircut & Style

Prices may vary per stylist


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